Effective video content is more important now than ever before

Video remains one of the most influential mediums for consumers. Television continues to dominate a large percentage of media consumption, but consumers are also looking on-line to search for video content which is relevant to their immediate needs. Smart phones enable your customers to search and consume video content, at this stage they are primed and willing to receive your message.

Ask yourself, does your brand satisfy your customer’s requirement for information at this influential stage of the customer journey?

Rather than following the traditional ‘interruptive’ marketing technique, which is quickly losing its effectiveness, you can help the customer, which will lead to increased conversions.

Dark Pixels corporate video production company in London

Google have identified these as micro-moments, an integral part of the customer journey. There are 4 key moments which you should be aware of:

  1. I want to know
  2. I want to go
  3. I want to do
  4. I want to buy

These search queries cross over all industries, from entertainment to retail, B2C and B2B. Consumers will watch videos on YouTube, your website and on social media in order to answer these questions. Is your content relevant?

We can help you identify which of these micro-moments are most important to your company and how to fulfil them. The aim is to build a trusting relationship with your customer to increase conversions and repeat business.

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