What is 360 video?

360 video is a new format for video which enables the consumer to experience a 360 degree view of an environment via their smart phone, web browser or virtual reality headset. The advantage of this new technology is that the consumer already has the equipment to experience the format meaning there is no requirement for specialist equipment purchases for adoption.

Here are some examples of marketing and content generation for 360 degree video:

Music industry

Imagine being able to offer a live performance in an immersive environment to your fans. We can take things a step further too with digital overlays; a great example would be having the set list hovering above the stage with the current song highlighted. We can even overlay visuals in line with the artist’s music video content above and around the stage.


You customers could be attending an awards ceremony or sitting at the top table of a lavish wedding. You can give them the best seats at a fashion awards or place them at the front of the crowd at a red carpet premier.


This one is very exciting – side line views, from above the pitch or right behind the goal are possible with 360 degree video. All of this including the atmosphere of a live crowd will provide an unforgettable experience.

Brand marketing

You can broadcast your brand events and product launches in 360 video, along with digital overlays. Action sports events with the branding virtually placed in the air by athletes or over jumps is just one exciting way to showcase your brand in a fresh way. Your customers can now interact with your products in a way which was never possible before. They could be sitting in the driver’s seat of a new car, explore a new kitchen or ride a kayak down a river.

Real Estate

We can provide 360 degree videos of the interiors of your properties. 360 degree photography has been with us for a while, but now your negotiators can present the property to the camera, walking around the room, pointing out key elements to potential buyers.

Click here to view an example of 360 video used in a property: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1ASHYCKvA8g 

What do I need to do to adopt 360 video into our content strategy?

All you need is a creative idea and a budget estimate. We provide the rest. At this stage you should try to be as creative as possible. With consumer level cameras being released, 360 degree video is becoming increasingly prevalent. The advantage of this is your customers will be accustomed to consuming video in this way. What this also means is you need to offer something more to set your brand in a higher position than consumer produced content. This is where Dark Pixels can help. Our creative department can overlay text and visual effects at industry level, setting your brand above the consumer and your competition

Pricing starts reasonably for small businesses and can be adjusted for more ambitious projects. We are transparent with our quotes but do not have set price plans. We approach each project individually to ensure you get the highest standard for your budget.


Virtual reality goggles

360 video and VR is hitting in a big way in 2016, thousands of companies are taking advantage of the medium to promote their product or show their content in a new and refreshing light.

The advantages of this new medium enable the viewer to be transported into your environment and have complete control over how they want to view it. 360 video can be used on most existing devices for example on a computer screen you can utilise 360 to scroll around while you view, on a phone you can move the device around to view and with a VR headset you can teleport yourself inside the content.

Virtual Reality is here, and here to stay, Facebook didn’t invest $2 billion into a gimmick. Most other companies in the field agree that VR will replace standard display technology in the years to come.


So how can your business utilize 360 video? Well that depends on your business

We can create a VR tour of your company location or let potential buyers view properties or products in person. We can let an audience experience an event like they were there and incorporate added branding and overlays into the experience. We can also create content from scratch using CG elements as a promo experience for your product or content. It’s really up to you.

Imagine being able to immerse your customers into a controlled virtual environment, giving them the opportunity to view your brand in a captivating manner never seen before. If your business is related to performances and events, we can provide a 360 degree experience of the live event to enjoy again and again.

Don’t just take our word for it, click on the following link to view this internal space. For the best results, click on this link and watch it on YouTube on your smartphone. Also, select ‘1440s’ under ‘Quality’ in the video settings for the highest resolution. As you pan around, it will act like a window into a virtual world: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1ASHYCKvA8g&feature=youtu.be

We are currently working with multinational brands to remotely bring their products and showrooms to consumers, anywhere in the world.

If you would like to know more about how we can do the same for you, please call Gillan on 07414910452 or get in touch via our contact page

Dark Pixels 360 degree video

We have been working on development in the studio to produce a movie themed 360 degree video which would be suitable for use as content marketing material. This drone video shows how brand related, immersive content can be delivered.

Click on the video below

The advantage of 360 degree video is giving the consumer the control of discovery. For the best experience, use the YouTube app on a smart phone and move it around to explore the scene in real-time.

We are very excited about the possibilities of this technology and foresee that it has countless applications. We are already in talks with creatives and businesses about future projects and would love to talk with you too, please click on the link below to get in touch.

We are a media production company specializing in film, music videos, live events and tour management. We are also currently researching and developing virtual reality content production.

At the heart of all our projects is innovation, creativity and the skill to deliver industry standard content that is exciting and engaging.

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We are uniquely placed by having four board members who are active in the music industry in distinct ways. This allows us to bring a competitive skill set to projects that you won’t find anywhere else. We have worked with industry leaders such as Gibson Guitars, Universal Records, Sky, numerous music festivals and creative projects. Click here to view our portfolio.

Our experience extends further than the music industry and encompasses film, promotional video, online and broadcast content. We also have award winning marketing team members are able to deliver content relevant to your verticals in whichever required format.

Thank you for taking the time to read this blog. Stay tuned for some very exciting projects, including developments in virtual reality. We want to hear from you so please send us your questions and comments.